Adbusters, Shi-Zhe Yung, The Corporate America Flag, 2000

Act Up, Silence Death, États-Unis, 1987

Guerrilla Girls, affiche, 1988, «This is one of our all-time favorites, which we did to encourage female artists to look on the sunny side. Women all over the world, not just artists, identify with it. One sent us $1,000 to run it as an ad in Artforum»

Anne Lund, logotype du soleil souriant (Nucléaire? Non merci), Danemark, 1975, traduit en 45 langues

Live Wire, #9, fin 1977

Emory Douglas, poster extrait du journal The Black Panther, 21 août 1971

Seymour Chwast / Push Pin Studio, affiche contre la guerre au Vietnam, New York, 1967, 94x61cm, offset

The Diggers, quatrième de couverture de Free City #1, fanzine distribué gratuitement dans Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, 1967